Kentucky DMV Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form: Free Template Downloads

Last updated July 22nd, 2024

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This Kentucky DMV motor vehicle bill of sale form is a legally binding document that validates the purchase and sale of a vehicle between a private buyer and seller. New owners must present this proof of purchase when transferring the vehicle’s title and registering the car under their name.

Vehicle Registration Requirements in Kentucky

  • Timeframe for registering a vehicle
  • Renewal process and schedule

Ownership Transfer Process

  1. Submission of Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form TC 96-5)
  2. Documentation required for ownership transfer

Registration Process at County Clerk’s Office

Bring the following to the County Clerk’s Office:

  1. Required documents
  2. Additional requirements for out-of-state transfers
  3. Registration fees

Proof of Insurance Requirements

  • Minimum insurance coverage
  • Specific insurance documentation required

Additional Considerations

Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney for representation in licensing and titling matters

Kentucky Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale PDF Template Example

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Kentucky Car Motor Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form

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