Oregon Durable Power of Attorney Form: Free Template Downloads

Last updated July 17th, 2024

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Oregon Durable Power of Attorney forms enables a person (the “principal”) to designate another individual (the “agent”) as their legal representative for specific tasks or affairs. This is typical among elderly adults who give their spouse or children the authority to manage their financial and medical matters in case they cannot communicate their wishes.

Medical Power of Attorney Forms – PDF

What is the Definition of “Power of Attorney”?

Definition by the Uniform Power of Attorney Act:

“A “Power of attorney” is a document that gives an agent the authority to act on behalf of the principal.”

Source: § 102(7)

Power of Attorney Flow Chart 📈


Oregon Statutory POA Form

Statutory Form – Chapter 127: Powers of Attorney

Law Alert ⚖️

Oregon POA Laws – Powers of Attorney; Healthcare Directives: Chapter 127


Oregon PDF Power of Attorney Form: Preview Example

PDF Version: Template Sample

Oregon Durable Power Of Attorney

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