South Dakota 1-Page Residential Lease Agreement Templates

Last updated July 17th, 2024

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An South Dakota lease agreement is used when renting rental property and it is a contract between the Landlord and Tenants in exchange for monthly rent payments.

Rental Application – Tenant(s) should complete this form before signing lease agreement. This application will confirm the Tenants credit and employment.

Form Options By Type

Standard Residential Lease Agreement

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Simple (1-Page) Lease Agreement


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Source: U.S. Census Bureau

What to Include in the Form?


Required Disclosures (2)

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Methamphetamine Disclosure

Source: § 43-32-30

Security Deposits

Maximum – The maximum amount a Landlords can charge a Tenant is one months’ rent.

Returns – All deposits must be returned to the Tenant within fourteen (14) days.

Source: § 43-32-6.1

Landlord Access

General Access – Landlords must provide a 24-hour notice before entering the premises as per state law.

Source: § 43-32-32

Paying Rent

Grace Period – There are no laws governing grace periods in South Dakota.

Late Fees – There is no specific law that limits the amount of late fees Landlords can charge Tenants.

NSF Fee – $40 per bounced check.

Source: § 57A-3-421


South Dakota 1-Page Lease Agreement Example


South Dakota Simple 1 Page Residential Lease Agreement