Illinois Motor Vehicle (car) Bill of Sale Form: Free Template Downloads

Last updated June 21st, 2024

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An Illinois motor vehicle bill of sale documents the private sale of a vehicle, demonstrating the change of ownership, sale particulars, and the vehicle’s condition at the time of the transaction. This document is necessary for transferring the title and registering the vehicle with the Secretary of State’s Vehicle Services Division.

Odometer Disclosure Statement: Must include the Odometer Disclosure Statement Form.

Vehicle Registration and Renewal Process in Illinois

  • It’s your responsibility to register your vehicle with the state within 20 days of acquiring it through purchase, gift, or inheritance
  • Responsibility for completing all paperwork if purchasing a vehicle privately
  • Annual renewal of plates through the online Vehicle Services page

Methods of Registration

  1. In-person registration at the nearest Secretary of State (SOS) Office
  2. Registration by mail

Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form Sample

Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form

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